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2018 Bay to Birdwood Run


To assist with the smooth running of the event on the day, the following Rules and Conditions have been set. By completing your registration on-line you have understood and agreed to be bound by these Conditions:

  1. Only those motor vehicles manufactured up to 31 December 1959 are eligible to take part.
  2. All motor vehicles must be substantially to manufacturers’ specifications, roadworthy and of acceptable standard of quality in the opinion of the Organisers.
  3. The onus of prooof date of manufacture is the entrantresponsibility. If required by the Organisers such proof must be substantiated and be supported by a Statutory Declaration. In the evenofalse information being supplied, the vehicle and entranwill be disqualified from the event and all entry fees forfeited.
  4. All motor vehicles must be registered or on permit.
  5. All motor vehicles must be driven/ridden by a licensed driver/rider who shall comply with the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act 1959 as amended.
  6. Trailering or towing of any entrant vehicle from the start to the finish will result in disqualification. In circumstances such as breakdown, it will be acceptable for a vehicle to be brought to the finish but it will not be considered to have 'completed' the Bay to Birdwood. 
  7. All entrants will observe the current road laws and speed limits over the route, in particular those rules referring to the correct carriage of passengers and the wearing of approved motorcycle safety helmets.
  8. Entrants and passengers are subject to the directions and control of the Organisers of the event, their agents and authorised officers.
  9. The closing date for early bird entries is Friday 10 August 2018. 
  10. The 2018 event is limited to 1750 vehicles. Should this number be reached at any time leading up to the event, entries will be closed.
  11. a Any payment received in excess of the prescribed entry fee will be treated as a donation.
    b Any refund, less 10% administration cost, will be made solely at the discretion of the Organisers.
    c Entry fees will not be returned for withdrawal of entries after 10 August 2018. All rejected entries will have their fees refunded.
    d Any entries received after the early bird closing date will incur an additional fee of $15.
  12. All entrants must supply a photograph of their vehicle (a three-quarter view from the front as per the image above) with their entry form as it will be presented on the day. Additional photographs may be requested for scrutineering purposes. For more information refer to the Bay to Birdwood website.
  13. The decision of the Organisers on whether a vehicle is eligible or not shall be binding and final.
  14. No substitution of vehicles will be allowed except under the following conditions:
    a The substitute motor vehicle must conform with the requirements of the conditions of entry.
    b The substitution shall be made with the knowledge and approval of the Organisers and may incur additional fees.
  15. The Organisers reserve the right to reject or cancel any entry at any time and for any reason.
  16. Entry numbers may only be displayed on the motor vehicles to which they have been assigned.
  17. Entrants will only be eligible to receive a plaque if they commence from the official start and complete the scheduled route to Birdwood on/in their motor vehicle and arrive at the finish before 4.00pm on Sunday 30 September 2018.
  18. By entering the event participants authorise the Organisers to photograph, film or reproduce in any medium the vehicles used in the event and their occupants. Entrants hereby acknowledge that the Organisers shall have the free and unrestricted right to use entrants’ names and or such reproductions in the advertising and promotion of the event and future events.
  19. NO ANIMALS, NO GLASS policy will be enforced at the start and finish sites.
  20. Entrants conducting themselves in a dangerous manner, or in a manner likely to bring the Bay to Birdwood event and its organisers into disrepute, shall be disqualified immediately.
  21. Towing of a caravan or boat is only permitted if it is of the period and approval is given by the Organisers.
  22. The Organisers reserve the right to amend or add to these Rules anytime.